Leather Art -by Ron Isaacson

New from Unbound Leathers®

Affordable one-of-a-kind sculptures and artforms created using recycled/repurposed Leather and found objects.

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My AviansCeremonial Feathers, Forever Flowers, Gardens, Landscapes  and Journals are getting tremendous response at galleries and festivals. Now collectors can purchase them online.

  • Ceremonial FeathersPersonal totems crafted to capture & carry the spirit of that special occasion, a sacred memory, a cherished moment. Order today and let me create a special Ceremonial Feather for you !
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  • AviansA flock of Avians have been hatched in my studio destine to roam the planet and spread healing energy, Love, peace and good fortune. Some have already taken wing finding wonderful places to roost, others are available for adoption. Choose from Crystal Beaks, Red Beaks, Rainbow Beaks, Wing Writers, and various Birds of a Feather that can lift your spirit and bring happiness to your home. Contact me to see available Avians
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  • Forever Flowers & Gardens – Crafted with love from repurposed leathers, each petal & leaf of these  small sculptures blends the loving spirit of  animals, the symbols of renewal, rebirth & creation. Contact me for an update on available Forever Flowers & Forever Gardens or let me create something special for you !
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  • Landscape Journals5″ x 7″ refillable journal covers are miniature Leather Landscapes that draw upon themes, colors, landscapes and beauty surrounding the artist’s studio in the Colorado mountains. Contact me for an update on available journal covers or let me create a special one for you !
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These one-of-a-kind creations are intended to celebrate and draw upon the raw organic nature of repurposed leather. Pieces will vary in size, complexity, color, types of leather used, style and combination of beadwork from the pieces pictured. Contact me for an update on available pieces or let me create a something special for you !

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Showing all 11 results